Jessica Sargent


Birth Assistant & Lactation Consultant

Jessica is IBCLC (International Board Certified Lactation Consultant) & Birth Doula

Supporting families through pregnancy, birth, and lactation is my passion in life. My interest began when I was pregnant with my oldest son almost 18 years ago.  While I was pregnant I read everything about pregnancy and lactation that I could find.  After my oldest son was born I found a love of helping new mothers with breastfeeding.  I have been a La Leche League Leader for 10+ years, IBCLC for 7 years, and birth doula for 3 years.  I would love to support your family through your pregnancy and breastfeeding journey. 

Georgina Tober


LVN, Student Midwife


I'm honestly excited to introduce myself!  My name is Georgina R. Tober.  I received my LVN license from South Texas College, following my mother's footsteps into nursing.

Each facet of my nursing career has been serving not only my patients, but their families as well.  I began at Nuestra Clinica Del Valle, then moved over to WIC and transitioned to the Lactation Care Center of RGV.  All along the way, I've joined working at John Knox Village, a retirement community with also continuing to grow on my nursing experiences.  At present, I assist breastfeeding mothers at the Lactation Care Center RGV while training towards an IBCLC license.

Yet, this shouldn't all be about me. I'm here to help You begin an incredible time.  I'm here to make your time easier and to assist you in all ways I can.

Edna Dunnam


Medical Assistant & Medical Specialist

My name is Edna Dunnam and I was born and raised in the RGV. I am certified as a Medical Assistant & Medical Specialist. My life always consist of giving back to the community and give comfort to those in need. Becoming a birth assistant is a great way to give comfort and support at the home visits and during the time of labor. My hobbies include crocheting and looming. Donating is my main hobby; always finding places to be able to donate beanies and blankets. 

Molly Morgan Ybarra


Birth Assistant


“Giving birth should be your greatest achievement not your greatest fear” – Jane Weiderman.

Born and raised in the Rio Grande Valley, I have a true understanding and appreciation for the culture in South Texas: a harmonious blend of two worlds, like no other, and I love it. I’ve been married for eight years and blessed with four children, a boy and three girls, and I cannot imagine raising my family anywhere else. 

I was first drawn to midwifery after the hospital birth of my first child. I knew there had to be a more intimate way to give birth. Intuitively, I knew pregnancy and birth did not have to be seen or treated as a medical illness. Three years later, I birthed my oldest daughter, who is now six-years-old, at Holy Family in Weslaco, TX. Unbeknownst to me, this experience would change my views on birth forever. A transformative experience, I knew that this was the path for me. I went on to have two home births after that, one in water and one on land--both absolutely perfect!

I get excited when I think about supporting women in their choice of natural birth because it’s still a budding practice with which not many folks are familiar. Being a part of homebirth makes me feel like I’m contributing to a movement to spread the word that birth is a wonderful experience and that all women deserve to be empowered and supported in pregnancy and birth as I have. 

After my birth with Holy Family, I knew I had been called to help other women in their journey. I was fortunate enough to be able to assist my midwife, Liz Derry LM/CPM with her clients’ prenatal care, birth, and postnatal care. I was also given the opportunity to assist a dear friend with the birth of her baby; a truly moving experience.  I am a licensed vocational nurse and have had ten years experience in home health, however, my true passion is assisting women during the birth process, facilitating the best experience possible.

My interests outside of midwifery and nursing include, rescuing animals, weight lifting, and believe it or not, hula hooping. While growing up and beginning my career in McAllen, I picked up a working knowledge of Spanish, and I love to expand my Spanish-speaking skills any chance I get.  

I would be honored to assist you in this new, exciting chapter in your life. Please feel free to contact me with any questions you may have.