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Mark & Kelly Baumgartner


Mark and Kelly are launching a new ministry stateside, a pilot program that will focus on raising up and training leaders and pastors, right where they are – but especially those who are not able, for whatever reason, to go to traditional Bible College. They will mentor, assist, train and teach. Offer seminars, workshops, and conferences along the way. After serving 25 years overseas in World Missions, God has called them to serve in the homeland!


The Baumgartners worked the last 15 years just off the N.W. Coast of Africa, on the island of Tenerife, part of the Canary Island chain. There, they founded, directed, and taught in the Bible Institute, as well as planted churches and mentored young ministers. Before working in the islands, Mark and Kelly worked on the continent of Africa, in Equatorial Guinea for ten years, planting churches and training leaders. The most creative arm of the Bible Institute in the islands was the ability of the faculty to travel to the outlying islands and receive training where they live.


Baumgartner’s Briefing





Prayer     Requests

+Continued     health

+Traveling     mercies

+Favor in     itineration as we prepare to launch this pilot program

+Open doors     and hearts for this new ministry that targets rural areas and inner cities     for training.

+Our budget,     both faith promises and cash.



Ministry     Thought

In Acts     5:34-39, Gamaliel gave counsel to the ministers of his day about being     careful to not be found fighting against God. Saul was fighting against     both the people of God as well as God Himself until his encounter with the     Lord on the way to Damascus. (Acts 9). We must be careful that our personal     “philosophy of ministry” is not in contrast with Christ, who said that we     should be witnesses in Jerusalem and Judea (our local areas) as well as the     ends of the earth. All missions work is the work of the church; how we     accomplish this call is through a partnership with missionaries and the     church. We are, as missionaries, an extension of the local church.

Contact info.:     cell:     830-822-0373 / e-mail: markbaumgartner@usmissions.org 


Thank you!

We     are very appreciative and thankful for your prayers and support of the work     God has called us to: You make the difference!


We Believe

Kelly     and I believe strongly in supporting missions; not just asking people to     assist us in what we are doing. We believe, as the old sign over the exit     of the church doors used to say, “You     are now entering the mission field”. That “mission field” is not just     over seas or in another country, but ministry to a lost and dying world.     Personally, we support other missionaries too. We believe in “being a     witness to (the Lord) in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and… and     to the end of the earth”. Acts 1:8 

We     are honored to have served Him at “the ends of the earth” the last 25 years;     and are just as honored to serve     Him in the homeland now.

When we finish with this phase of itineration, we will be launching a pilot program that we, the fellowship and Global University believe will spread coast to coast. Kelly and I are honored to take the lead in this new ministry. A mobile Bible School Faculty, that travels to the students rather than having students uproot and go to the school, is a proven ministry overseas in many countries, including in the islands where we worked. Please keep us in your prayers as we finish itineration and prepare to launch. We know that God has called us to this ministry; in this assurance, we move ahead.

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